Our Young Patrons

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The Young Patrons of the Russian Nobility Association in America’s annual Spring Ball are young men and women aged 21-40 who are members of the Association, children of Association members, and other young people who are interested in Russian culture and history.  

The primary purpose of the Young Patrons’ Committee is to generate attendance at and provide assistance with the Annual Spring Ball of the Nobility Association.  The Young Patrons also host events for young members throughout the season, and have presented special events at galleries, auction houses, museums, and other interesting venues around New York.  

If you are interested in learning more about the Annual Spring Ball’s Young Patron events, please contact the Committee Chairs HERE. Please also follow their activities on Instagram @russiannobility!

Young Patron Co-Chairs

Miss Marisa Wadkovsky

Miss Stephanie Jachno

Miss Anna Pouschine

Young Patrons

List in formation

Mr. Vsevolod Belikow 

Miss Anna Bredikhina 

Count Alexander Cheremeteff 

Count & Countess Nicolas Cheremeteff 

Miss Natasha Dashkova 

Mr. Alexander Djurdjinovic 

Miss Anastasia Efremkin 

Mr. Adrian Fekula 

Miss Alexandra Fuiks 

Princess Anna Galitzine 

Miss Anastasia Gouliaeva 

Miss Nadejda Grankina 

Mr. Gregory Guest 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gorbenko 

Miss Elena Holodny 

Mr. Andre Jordan 

Miss Kira Jordan 

Miss Kateryna Khomenko 

Miss Sophia Lycett 

Mr. Gregory Nedeltscheff

Mr. Daniel Oudolsky 

Mr. & Mrs. John Paschenko 

Mr. Alexander Pouschine 

Mr. Michael Revis 

Miss Kyra Rzhevsky 

Mr. & Mrs. Serge Sarandinaki 

Mr. Michael Sareyani 

Mr. Constantine Schidlovsky 

Mr. Maxim Schidlovsky

Miss Sophia Tiajoloff 

Miss Xenia Tiajoloff 

Mr. Isaiah Trofimenko 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Wolkow